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OptimizePress is a revolutionary new WordPress theme that helps you make superbly presented, professional looking websites for squeeze pages, sales letters and launch pages, quickly and easily, even if you are not technical or any good at design, or any good at copyrighting. If you've ever wanted to put together websites that get sales for your own products, affiliate products, special offers etc, but not been able to for one reason or another, OptimizePress theme for WordPress now gives you that opportunity.

OptimizePress for Sales Letters

The OptimizePress WordPress theme lets you make killer online sales pages. All the elements you need at the click of a button can be included to make a super effective sales page. OptimizePress takes the pain out of creating online sales letters and offer pages. It helps you generate offer pages that are based on proven & tested designs. Your sales pages will already have all the right elements in place, thereby getting a major boost before you even start writing your sales copy! This just helps you create websites that make more sales.

OptimizePress let you build page content very quickly

with built in Shortcodes. Great looking headers can also be made quickly using the design elements and templates. Choose from 20 different color schemes, upload your choice of cover of, add your Header text and away you go. Your header will look great - and that's without needing a designer!

OptimizePress for Squeeze Pages

Attractive and effective squeeze pages can be built quickly and easily using OptimizePress. An email list is a huge asset, especially to a business that uses the internet for marketing. The squeeze page method has been shown time and time again to be the most effective way to build a list. By creating content, such as a pdf report, video or video series, mind map, or anything that is valuable to your audience, and offering it for free in exchange for your prospects name and email address you can build up a highly targeted email list. Squeeze pages make this process simple. They have a single focus � to get the name and email of your prospect and get them on your list. OptimizePress, provides 10 different squeeze page templates to choose from. Each one can be customized. Each one has been optimized for maximum results to ensure effective performance from the start.

Download OptimizePress theme for Wordpress now

and start making great looking websites that get sales!.